Last version: 1.0.0alpha1 (2006-03-08)


PhpB is a Project Homepage builder for GForge hosted projects. It's written in PHP and uses no database system.



Bugs fixes - Valéry 'valos' Febvre (2007-04-02 00:33)
Last version (number & date) is only displayed if it's set.
Added missing close braket in navigation bar (in header).
Default language is now the 1st language listed in config.

PhpB Homepage is ready and put online. - Valéry 'valos' Febvre (2006-03-09 01:02)

First usable version - Valéry 'valos' Febvre (2006-02-19 00:29)
It is the very first usable version of PhpB.
This first version has a minimal number of sections but the essential is there.
I'm waiting impatiently your remarks, suggestions and bug reports.



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Administration page
News section

Administration page
Authors section

Administration page
Links section

Administration page
Screenshots section

Administration page


This program is licensed under the GPL license.


Valéry 'valos' Febvre <>
Lead developer